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DGEG - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Eisenbahngeschichte

German association for Railway-History

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Our purpose - our activities

Our offers to You:

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The German Association for Railway-History (DGEG) was founded on the 22nd April 1967 at Karlsruhe (Germany). We are not a parent company but a nation-wide association, which can count 2200 members in Germany and abroad.

Our job is

  • to create and cultivate interest and understanding of the history of railways as an important part of the whole history
  • to support studies about the history of railways and scientific works
  • to preserve valuable parts of the railway history as monuments of the technology, which forms our time

Our activities:

We have built up railway museums in the former railway depot at Bochum-Dahlhausen and in the old locomotive-shed of the Palatine Railway at Neustadt (Weinstraße). In both museums we put large value to the presentation of the associated area of the railway. We could save in the last minute many valuable track vehicles, wagons and "equipment", for the future.

We offer historical *course enterprise* (trains) between the suburban rail station Bochum-Dahlhausen and the railway museum; in the Ruhr-Valley between Hagen Hbf and the railway-museum at Bochum-Dahlhausen (time-table no. 12452 RuhrtalBahn ) and also the "Kuckucksbähnel" (Coocoo-train) between Neustadt (Weinstraße) and Elmstein (time-table no. 12670).

DGEG-archives and DGEG-library offer - in co-operation with the University of Dortmund - access to the biggest European collection of literature (monograhies, newspapers, instructions - German language) drawings and photographs about the history of railways.

Publications offer you comprehensive informations: The former DGEG-News, published six times a year, are replaced by our journal "Railway History", published six times a year; the series "railways and museums" will be replaced by special issues of "Railway History; the "yearbook of railway-history"; the museums guides as well as booklets, scientific and other publications.

Study trips with proficient guides are offered anywhere, where tracks lie: national or private railways; inland or abroad; steam-, diesel- or electric-traction; normal- or narrow-gauge as well on commuter railways (streetcars).

Local member groups offer lectures and meetings with people of similar interest at nine cities.

Working groups take care of the preservation or restoration of vehicles and equipment or they are working on the historical trains. People of all professions and in all age are working at the railway-museums or in other areas of our association.

Special information about our various activities can be sent to you, please contact us.

Your membership supports our multiple works and you may also use our facilities: free of cost are the entrances to our museums, the delivery of "Railway History" and the special issues. Reduced prices are offered for our "Yearbook of railway-history" and for taking part in our study trips. You pay only 50 % at our scheduled trips on our historical trains. The yearly fee is 70 € (reduced 30 € for youth, academics, conscripted soldiers or 55 € for retired persons).

Donations are always welcome.

Our donation account:


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The DGEG is of the tax office Soest, tax NR. 343/5840/0454 as non-profit and recognized particularly eligible for promotion.


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